Cradle to Cradle

Waste equals food


Sustainable Society 3.0


Tue, Jun 11 2013


You are invited to the pre-conference workshop of the first UN PRME Regional Meeting 2013.

Through Sustainable Society 3.0 it should be possible to have enough food, energy, products and services for humankind and for all creation to exist. We have to strive for an intelligent eco-economy where we learn from nature and then copy that knowledge in our economies. Production on solar energy, without producing waste (circular economy), as well as processes in which the value of products and services last as long as possible are critical to a sustainable society. With the use of smart downgrading cascades or even upgrading processes and with the full support of IT, it is possible. To accelerate it, we have to share sustainable ideas and products with each other by way of locations or “hot spots” throughout the different parts of the world like the neurons and areas in our brain. This is for the purposes of improving, broadening, and marketing sustainability. Globally, the concept of identifying ideas and creative solutions through the lens of sustainability requires significant effort, collaboration, and networking with individuals, organizations, and nations around the globe. This network may be the key towards a (more) sustainable world: Sustainable Society 3.0.

This event will feature:

  • keynote speaker Dr. Rob de Vrind, Senior Advisor for Sustainability at the Koning Willem I College, Netherlands
  • an interactive opportunity to engage in Sustainable Society 3.0

This event is hosted by Earth Common Journal, MacEwan University Office of Sustainability and the School of Business.

In the meeting I payed attention to cradle to cradle and played parts of the game with the audience