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ICT duurzaamheid in netwerken

Wat kan je allemaal doen in netwerken om ze te verduurzamen.

1. Optical switching 
2. Line card / chassis configuration
3. Energy-aware routing 
4. Green routing 
5. Cross-network energyaware routing
6. Multipath routing
7. Pipeline forwarding
8. Mixed line rates 
9. Redundancy and sleep mode
10. Maximum path length
11. Follow-the-sun  This requires collaboration with other organizations around the world.
12. Access network solutions
13. Adaptive link rate 
14. Low power idle & Energy Efficient Ethernet
15. Sleep mode 
16. Network connectivity proxy 
17. Bit interleaving 
18. Burst mode operation
19. Passive optical networks
20. Virtual home gateway 
21. Long reach access 
22. Dynamic bandwidth allocation

Het is allemaal te lezen (in het Engels) in deze pdf