Cradle to Cradle

Waste equals food

The Training


The complete teachers training manual can be seen here
A two day course example can be seen here

Day one

1. Group discussion
What would be different when we would have a positive footprint
(houses like tries, cars filtering the air, leave life behind in stead of death)
A film in the English language about Cradle to Cradle can be seen here

2. Theory in this ppt

3. Group discussion
Make a time line from 1900 - 1920 - 1940 - 1960 - 1980 - 2000 - 2012 - 2100
What role played waste in those periods


The story of stuff

Theory Part of the ppt above about footprint, waste, plastic Cheap labour search for resources since Columbus

300 years ago no woods any more in Germany then reforestation

4. Group activity
Lower a hoella hoop on your fingers without loosing contact
You learn rules are necessary you can't act freely
Things influence each other.
Theory about systems ect

5. Group discussion
What is the relevance for business looking at
- climate change
- scarcity of resourses
- toxic pollution
- increase of the world population
- loss of biodiversity
- water
Theory. In nature there is no waste
Cascades ect.

6. Playing the game in three rounds on three levels

After the game is played you can discuss the game using this ppt

Day two

1. Change management and the Concerend based adoption model by Rudolph Bolsius

Watch the video of this part

2. The implementation of Cradle to Cradle in business by Rudy Daelmans see here

3. Circular economy

The ppt used by Ken Webster

Report rethink the future (about Circular economy)

4. What was the most impressive thing you saw in the film of Michael Braungard

Day three

Visit to the energy producing building of Villa Flora
The film of Villa flora

Visit to the Cradle to Cradle expo lab.

The pdf from the presentation of Venlo

Introduction to Cradle to cradle

The ppt of Sonja Eser about Cradle to cradle part 1 can be seen here and part 2 here

The ppt of Rudy Daelmans about Cradle to Cradle at Desso can be seen here.

The ppt Rob de Vrind about Sustainable Vocational Education in the Netherlands can be seen here.

A little film about the essence of C2C can be seen here
The essence of the circular economy can be seen here

The book Inspired by Cradle to Cradle can be read here