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The programme

The report on the pilot meeting

Cradle to cradle change in olive oil production

1. Professor Petros Samaras (1)2. Ruud Bolsius

3. Professor Ken Webster4. Dr. Eleftherios Karagiannidis

5. Mr. A. Hatziandronis10 C2C game (5)

11.1 Start of olive mill tour11.2 Company truch used for the collection of deep fat frying oils

11.4 Professor Rubos expains the handling of the olive fruit11.3 Mr Hatziandronis expains the entrance of olive fruit in the production line

11.5 Main processing facilities - beggining of line12.7 On-site presentation of the cultivation techniques

12.8 Dutch know hos used for the facilities12.9 CO2 containers