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December 2012

Oradea December 2012

May 2013

Oradea May 2013


University of Oradea

Cradle to cradle at the University by Dr. Anamaria Supuran

Cradle to cradle 2011-2013 in Oradea by Anamaria Supuran

Pilot coarse Oradea May 2013 at Technical College Mihai Viteazul

The programme

The programme on 16-5-2013

List of participants

Theoretical training on C2C with students, presented by Ms. Aurelia Nagy

Learning by playing with students: the Six thinking hats method and with teachers: the Simplycycle game, both activities coordinated by Ms. Marinela Filip

Pilot course on C2C for teachers, presented by Ms. Nadia Szuiogan

Biogas by Emilia Pantea 
Renewable energy by Monica Costea
10 steps to make your own cradle to cradle project by Peter van der Baan
Change Management by Anamaria Supuran  

Technical College Mihai Viteazul Oradea

Dissemination of C2C by Nadia Szuiogan

Cradle to cradle by Aurelia Nagy