Cradle to Cradle

Waste equals food

Dissemination activities

University of Oradea

Cradle to cradle 2011-2013 in Oradea by Anamaria Supuran
List of dissemination activities and figures of persons who attended the meeting

Technical College Mihai Viteazul Oradea

Dissemination of C2C by Nadia Szuiogan


Implementation of C2C in Energy and Waste
Implementation of C2C in Agriculture 17/18-04-2013
Implementation of C2C in Food processing companies 16/17-05-2013
Implementation of C2C  in olive and olive oil 1-8-2013

Review of proposal and familiarization of term of Cradle to cradle 14-12-2011


Article on Leonardo website

Disseminatin at PERL the Partnership for Education and Research for Responsible Living.

Dissemination at the New Slills network

Dissemination at the Bossche Energy Convenant group visiting Hamburg
     List of participants

Meeting about circular economy 23 april 2013

Invitation  Participants

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Dissemination at Koning Willem I College at 40 classes in many trainings

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Students training Energy and Climate 24 08 2013

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Biobaesd economy day ROC West Brabant Lezing 31-1-2012

National teacher training biobased economy 15-12-2011

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DMBO lezing bij Mondriaancollege 16-2-2012

DMBO symposium te ROC West Brabant 10-10-2012

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Workshop over C2C en het spel.

Dissemination in Baarn 30-1-2013

Teacher training Da Vinci college

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National teachers meeting of DMBO at Da Vinci

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Big project with young students of the Da Vinci college

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Lezing docentenstudiedag te Barendrecht Edudelta

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Meeting about education and DESSO

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Meeting at the Cradle to Cradle centre at Venlo

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DMBO symposium Dordrecht10-10-2013

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Workshop about the game Dordrecht 10-10

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Dissemination in Kiev Ukraine

for all the formar Sovjet republics, organized by the European Training Foundation.
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Dissemination in Edmonton Canada

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United Kingdom

They organised a study visit of teachers from Scottland to Holland

Goals, programme

Report september 2012

Reports of the participants
Pauline Smith
Robert Furness
Mairi Harper
Julie Martin
Jonathan Kingsmill
Jim Gililand
Elaine McGeachy

Brian Lesley



Dissemination to the EU

Questions asked about the project by EQUAVET